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You are now visiting nhacaiuytin-ví (“Website”), an online news platform administered by TGC/IS Media Group and its subsidiaries (“we”, “us”, “our”). You are kindly asked to carefully read the provisions of our Privacy Policy page before continuing your stay on our website.

The current Privacy Policy “Privacy Policy” has been created as evidence for the importance we grant to our readers’ private information. Our Privacy Policy page explains how we collect private information from our readers, how this information is used, how and when this information may be disclosed to third parties. The current Privacy Policy does not refer to the information that is collected through adjacent sources, but only to the personal data that is gathered through our website.

This Privacy Policy, together with our Terms of Use page provide visitors with the legal background they need when accessing and using our Website. Based on these legal rules, you may be asked to agree to our terms and conditions.

We strongly advise you to constantly verify the content of the Privacy Policy page, which will be displayed on our website at all times. Changes in our Privacy Policy will be effected upon posting the revisited page; therefore, it is important that you frequently review it to take notice of all modifications.

VISITORS WHO ACCESS OUR WEBSITE, AGREE TO THE TERMS OF OUR PRIVACY POLICY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE REGULATIONS INCLUDED IN OUR PRIVACY POLICY OR TO THE CHANGES THAT HAVE BEEN THEREIN EFFECTED, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY LEAVE OUR WEBSITE. Modifications that will be enacted to your personal data will be provided to you by e-mail. In this case, the provisions of the Privacy Policy you agreed with will be used in the treatment of your personal data.

The information we gather from our visitors enables us to better understand our readers’ needs and preferences. We are interested in your personal data, related to your native language, location, but also in non-personal data that is automatically collected the moment you enter our website.

Personally Identifiable Information: Based on our Privacy Policy definition, the personally identifiable information refers to the data that is used to identify or contact a person, such as, name, phone, address, e-mail address, etc. This type of information is not normally collected the moment you enter our Website, but requested by us under specific circumstances, such as, Website registration, survey participation, contests, programs, promotions and other additional services on our Website.
Non-personal information: Based on our Privacy Policy definition, we regard the non-personal information as data that is nor personally related to your persona. Tehre are multiple types of information that may be included into this category, such as the data that you have made anonymous. This information is collected either separately or at the same time with the personal data you provide us. Certain non-personal information may be automatically collected when you enter our Website. This data is usually related to your Internet practices and may refer to your IP address, your operating system, your Internet service provider, as well as, frequent search terms you use when accessing our Website, your favorite web pages and the time you normally spend on our pages.
Personally Identifiable Information: This information is used to improve communication flow with our readers. Personal data may also be used to better carry out the requests you are making and to better respond to your wishes. If necessary, the personally identifiable information will be used to contact you, particularly for customer service-related matters, for promotions regarding our products, the products of our subsidiaries or other affiliated companies. Personal data is also used to communicate with you about the information you have added on our Website or on your personal profile. Visitors have the possibility to opt out from receiving any promotional messages as stated in the following lines.
If needed, you may be asked to share your personally identifiable information with our third party vendors, who perform various activities on our behalf (for instance, merchandise delivery, promotion administration, marketing assistance, data analysis, customer services, etc.). Your personal data may also be shared to sponsors of our programs and promotions or with third parties that have been purposefully hired to administer your personal data on our Website. As provided by our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use, your personally identifiable information will not be shared to third parties without your prior approval.

Non-personal Information: Non personal information is used to improve your experience with our Website and our services. Your non-personal information will, therefore, be used for website traffic analyses, for customer-oriented tasks, such as promotions and offers and for the improvement of our services. Since this information does not personally identifies you, we may share it with affiliated companies and third parties helping us improve our Website.
IP Addresses: the IP address is the identification code that is automatically assigned to your computer so it can be identified on the internet. Our Website does not normally collect or verifies your IP address, unless we may be requested to do so on specific occasions: we have reasons to believe our Website rules have not been observed, on government’s request, as a requirement of the law, to defend our Website, our legal rights and the legal rights of our visitors, to safeguard our users or the general public.
Cookies: These small text files are usually stored from websites on your computer hard drive when you surf the Internet. Cookies allow your computer to keep a track of the places you have visited and to remember your preferences. These files do not contain personally identifiable information, therefore, we may sometimes use it or share it to our affiliates and other third parties, particularly for advertising purposes. Users may program their computers to prompt a message before automatically storing cookies or to manually delete these files in order to prevent websites from getting access to their non-personal data. However, you should be aware that certain features of your computer will not function properly if you choose to delete stored cookies from your computer.
E-mail communication: Your personal e-mail address may automatically be stored in our database if you choose to send us a message or reply to our email letters. This personally identifiable information will be used in the future to respond to your questions or comments. Email communications may be used to keep you informed about our services and offers and products you have purchased if you have agreed to receive such e-mail notifications. You may opt out from all our commercial and promotional messages by following the “unscribe” link that will accompany all our email messages. However, you will still receive transactional emails if we provide you customer services.
Transfer of Assets: Should our company and our assets be acquired by another entity, both the personally identifiable information and the non-personal information will fall in the administration of the acquiring entity, which will observe your preferences. During a bankruptcy or reorganization process, all the aforementioned information will be labeled as an asset and will be, subsequently, sold or transferred to third parties.
Other: In conformity with the law of the Californian state and the legal regulations of our Privacy Policy, our Website administrators reserve their right to disclose your personally identifiable and your non-personal information if they may be requested to do so by law or by copyright and intellectual property infringement claims. Personally identifiable information and non-personal data may also be disclosed on government’s request, to observe law or other legal process requirements, to protect our legal rights, our property or our Website and to defend our Website users.
Our Website may be foreseen with blogs, message boards, bulletin boards, chat rooms and/or public forums to allow users to communicate. All the aforementioned provisions do not apply to the personally identifiable information and the non-personal information you provide in connection to the use of these public forums. All the personal information you share on public forums will be regarded as public information and will be treated as such. Please be aware that all the personal information you provide on public forums may be collected by anyone, including third parties that have not consented to the legal provisions of the current Privacy Policy. Our Website does not hold itself responsible for any events that may arise from the public disclosure of your personal information.

We do not require the submission of personal information from children as neither the content, nor the services of our Website have been intended for children. We do not collect personally identifiable information from children who are younger than 13 years old and parents and guardians, who have reasons to believe their underage child has disclosed personally identifiable information to us, can contact us by e-mail. Parents of guardians of children under 13 are entitled to request the deletion of such personally identifiable information and to prohibit its use.

Our Website has been provided with all the security measures to prevent the loss, the alteration and the misuse of our users’ personal data. In spite of the efforts we are making to protect your personally identifiable information and to ensure your privacy, we cannot guarantee your full protection at all times, under all conditions. We do not hold ourselves responsible for the inadvertent disclosure, the destruction or the theft of the personally identifiable information you send to us. If our Website or our database may suffer a security breach you will be notified in the shortest time possible about and asked to secure your personally identifiable information. Our Website will be frequently updated with the latest security measures to prevent such system breaches.

Occasionally, links to other third party sites may be displayed on our Website. does not control or maintain the information, as well as the content of these websites. We advize you to carefully read the privacy statements of the third party websites you enter, particularly if asked to provide personally identifiable information.

You may at any times use our contact data if you want to contact us for: a) questions about our Privacy Policy; b) corrections to the personally identifiable information you have provided us; c) opt-out requests from our commercial services; d) expressing your consent to our use or other parties’ use of your personally identifiable information.

Your requests will be immediately revised and the appropriate changes will be effected in our database, if applicable. Requests will not be taken into consideration if users have access to our Website’s benefits and features.


This Privacy Policy on our Website represents the sole statement of our privacy policy in relation to our Website. No summary, alterations or restatements of the current privacy policy, in any form, will be valid unless we post a revisited policy on our Website.